Meet Sarah Schulz: State Representative Candidate of Michigan’s 98th District

Sarah Schulz is the State Representative candidate of Michigan’s 98th District, serving Bay and Midland Counties.

Sarah has dedicated her career to mission-driven work. She’s supported non-profits in executive Human Resources roles. Most recently she has worked for a non-profit organization that partners with urban schools to provide resources to teachers to ensure students thrive and graduate.

Enhancing school funding and resources is a passionate topic for Sarah. She believes that we aren’t doing nearly enough to support our teaching force, leaving teachers responsible for far too much with unfair pay and benefits. She believes that the State of Michigan needs to adopt new funding sources for our schools that make sense and ensure students, in both traditional and vocational schools, have the resources to thrive.

Sarah is also an advocate for healthcare reform. She believes that the best way to fight for healthy communities is to provide affordable healthcare and prescriptions so that Michigan families aren’t faced with poverty for needing basic treatment, like insulin. She also advocates for destigmatizing mental health care.

Sarah is also an advocate for equal pay and providing a living wage for working Michigan families. A daughter, niece and granddaughter to union workers, Sarah understands that a union can provide the necessary advocacy to ensure Michigan workers are treated fairly. She has dedicated her career to working in HR to ensure fair conditions and pay for Michigan families. She supports repealing Right to Work in Michigan.

Sarah has dedicated her career to fighting for Michigan workers and supporting the most vulnerable through non-profit work. She is ready to bring her knowledge and practices to Lansing.

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