Meet Matt Koleszar: Michigan State Representative of District 20

Matt Koleszar, former educator, is Michigan State Representative of District 20.

Matt has fought for education reform in Michigan in and out of the classroom. As a teacher, he has seen first hand the inadequacies in our school system. He believes that big changes need to be made to ensure schools are funded, and safe. In his first term, Matt served on the House Education Committee and sponsored bills that directly fought to reform schools. One bill he sponsored was to address Michigan’s literacy crisis by fighting to require access to libraries in all Michigan schools. Matt also believes actionable steps need to be taken to fight gun violence, including making all schools gun-free zones.

Matt is committed to fighting to protect Michigan’s environment. He believes that access to clean air and safe drinking water is a human right for all. He has a track record of voting in favor of environmental protection legislation, leading to the League of Conservation Voters giving him a 100% rating.

Mary Brady-Enerson, Clean Water Action Michigan Director supports Matt sharing, “As a former teacher, we know that Representative Koleszar cares deeply about protecting future generations and giving them tools for success. He has carried that passion into working to protect our Great Lakes and vast water resources for future Michiganders through his outstanding advocacy in the State House. Matt Koleszar has shown that he will always stand by his constituents and work to protect and preserve our environment for years to come.”

Matt is also an advocate for healthcare reform. Serving on the State House Health Policy Committee, Matt has fought for a better healthcare system in Michigan. He is an advocate for Universal Healthcare. He believes sweeping changes to how we provide healthcare to Michigan residents is needed to protect the most vulnerable members of our community who suffer from opioid addiction, or who are left unable to afford life-saving prescriptions.

Matt has a track record of fighting for the rights of all Michiganders and is ready to continue advocating for legislation that protects and empowers Michigan citizens.

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