Meet Nate Shannon: Michigan State Representative of District 25

Nate Shannon is State Representative of Michigan’s 25th District.

As a former educator, Nate has been an advocate for finding creative solutions to provide adequate funding for our K-12 education system in Michigan. He’s seen firsthand the toll low funding can take on our educators and believes we need to focus on creating an environment in schools where teachers can spend more one-on-one time with students. During his first term as State Representative of the 25th District, Nate sponsored bills designed to increase funding for K-12 public education and to rethink the way we evaluate our teachers and students.

Nate also believes Michigan needs to improve its healthcare system so that all Michiganders have access to quality and affordable care. He believes that Michigan families shouldn’t have to risk financial hardship as a result of health emergencies, or needing live-saving prescription drugs. He sponsored bills to limit co-pays on insulin in Michigan and protect access to healthcare for Michiganders.

Nate also fights to improve Michigan’s infrastructure. He believes that Michigan residents shouldn’t have to risk faulty bridges and dangerous roads to get to and from work, or to get their kids to school. He also believes that all Michigan residents deserve access to clean water.

Nate has dedicated his career to fighting for Michiganders. He has sponsored legislation focussed on strengthening access to education, economic opportunities and healthcare, and increasing safety in our communities.

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