Meet Barb Anness: State Representative Candidate of Michigan’s 45th District

Barb Anness, an active Rochester Hills community member and small business owner, is State Representative candidate of Michigan’s 45th district.

As a mom of two and a dedicated trustee on the Rochester Community Schools Board of Education, Barb has worked tirelessly to advocate for a better public education system for Michigan children. She is committed to ensuring we invest in adequate school funding to provide our educators and Michigan students with the resources they need to thrive. She believes that a strong public education system is the cornerstone of building a better future for Michiganders, and isn’t afraid to advocate for students and fight back against harmful education legislation.

Rosemary Bayer, State Senator of Michigan’s 12th district, has seen firsthand Barbs activism for public education and the Rochester Hills community as a whole. She shared, “Barb is a tireless and fierce advocate for Greater Rochester. She has spent close to two decades working on behalf of families — as an appointed and re-elected Trustee of Rochester Community Schools, and as an education advocate on the local, and state level. Barb brings her message of public-school education equality to our nation’s Capitol every year, as a Michigan Statewide PTA Council Legislative Chair, where she directly advocates our Congressional representatives on behalf of all schoolchildren in Michigan.”

Barb is also an advocate for quality and affordable healthcare. She has seen firsthand how many uninsured Michiganders, even before the COVID-19 pandemic, were at risk of being one medical emergency away from poverty. She is dedicated to ensuring that Medicaid is expanded, life saving prescription drugs are affordable, access to mental healthcare is available to all, and the overall cost of healthcare is affordable to all Michigan families. She is a supporter of the Oakland Health 360 initiative which would close the healthcare coverage gap for over 227,000 Oakland County residents.

Barb understands that Michigan, which is surrounded by 21% of the world’s fresh water, has a unique responsibility to protect the environment. She believes that ensuring our citizens can access safe and clean water is a human right. She will fight to repeal harmful federal legislation that prevents Michigan’s environmental activists and legislators from implementing stronger regulations. She will also actively advocate for environmental justice to protect vulnerable communities impacted by pollution.

Barb has been a lifelong public servant and will fiercely advocate for Michigan families, ensuring all have an equal opportunity to thrive.

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