Meet Kelly Breen: State Representative Candidate of Michigan’s 38th District

Kelly Breen, a dedicated attorney and public servant, is State Representative candidate of Michigan’s 38th district.

As a mother of two children and the wife and daughter of educators, Kelly is a fierce fighter for education reform. She has a plan to ensure that funding from our public tax dollars is adequately supporting our public education system. She has seen firsthand how our public schools help all children, including children with special needs. She believes that the majority of funding dollars should go toward public schools, which have a higher level of accountability and transparency.

Nick Moroz, Mayor Pro Tem of Plymouth has witnessed Kelly’s dedication to supporting everyone in her community on the City Council, especially those who are the most vulnerable to experiencing discrimination. He shared, “ Councilwoman Kelly Breen has been a champion for her community with exceptional results. Her leadership on the Novi Council led to the creation and adoption of an anti-discrimination and harrassment policy that increased protections based on the person’s sex, race, color, national origin, age, religion, disability status, sexual orientation, gender identity, genetic information, marital status, weight, height, or membership in any other protected category. She listens to her constituents, represents them vigorously, and delivers change that betters the entire community.”

Kelly will fight towards growing our economy, and bringing new, quality jobs to Michigan while focussing on protecting our environment. She believes that economic growth and environmental reform are not mutually exclusive, and has unique ideas about how to create “blue and green” jobs that build new industries in clean energy, conservation and agriculture to Michigan.

Kelly is an advocate of affordable healthcare. She understands that expanding Medicaid and taking steps toward lowering the cost of healthcare and prescription drugs is key to creating a healthier Michigan. She will fight to ensure that all Michigan families are supported with quality healthcare, without risking financial burden that keeps many from seeking the preventative care they need.

Gwen Marham, Oakland County Commissioner has experienced Kelly’s approach to advocacy firsthand sharing, “I have watched over the past few years as Kelly Breen has used her intelligence, passion, and resolve to inform and advocate for our neighbors on the Novi City Council. She is the exact type of no-nonsense official that the public expects to represent them.”

Kelly is dedicated to bringing her common sense approach to reform to Lansing, where she hopes to continue to fight for Michigan families.

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