Meet Laurie Pohutsky: Michigan State Representative of District 19

Laurie Pohutsky is Michigan State Representative of district 19 representing Livonia.

Laurie has been a resident of the metro-Detroit area for decades. She experienced entering the workforce a few years after the great recession, giving her a clear perspective on what working families in Livonia need most – Access to quality education, affordable healthcare, and good paying jobs.

High costs of healthcare and prescriptions are crippling working families in Michigan. Laurie believes that no one should have to decide between paying for basic needs or getting the healthcare and prescriptions they need. She has fought tirelessly to end price gouging and ensure life-saving prescriptions, like insulin, are affordable. She also fought back when health coverage for over 80,000 Michiganders was at risk during the COVID-19 pandemic, ultimately protecting the health of Michigan families.

Education is also an area of passion for Laurie. She believes the cornerstone of strengthening our public education system is ensuring our educators have the resources they need so that our children can thrive. She is also a proponent of ensuring that all Michiganders have access to a quality and affordable education, even after K-12.

Laurie is a dedicated fighter for the environment. As a microbiologist, she understands that Michigan’s precious natural resources are our greatest asset and need to be protected at all costs. She has dedicated her career to ensuring polluters are held accountable for the damage they cause. During her first term she sponsored a bill that brought environmental oversight back to Michigan, allowing our government to enforce its own regulations instead of relying on broadly defined regulations on the federal level.

Mary Brady-Enerson, Michigan Director of Clean Water Action has experienced Laurie’s dedication to protecting the environment and shared, “Laurie Pohutsky has consistently stood up for her constituents and stuck to her convictions. She has quickly become one of the strongest environmental advocates in Lansing.”

Laurie is passionate about protecting Michigan’s natural resources to ensure safe drinking water for all and will fight to make sure there are clear avenues for Michigan families to thrive.

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