Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson Pushes Horse Medicine; Ignores Doctors

WISCONSIN — Senator Ron Johnson was called out by Wisconsin doctors for pushing Ivermectin, a dangerous horse medicine not approved by the FDA for treating Covid-19, over proven vaccines. The doctors made the call as Wisconsin hospital beds neared 88 percent capacity in the state.

Senator Johnson was singled out for inviting Dr. Pierre Kory, an advocate for using Ivermectin for patients who contract Covid, to a Congressional hearing – giving him a platform for his extreme minority opinion. Johnson also joined a conservative radio show and incorrectly claimed that ventilators do more harm than good and joined another conservative radio show and criticized the Food and Drug Administration’s decision to fully approve the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine. These radio appearances come as numerous conservative radio hosts have died from Covid after spreading disinformation about vaccines.

In response, numerous doctors have called out Senator Johnson for spouting falsehoods and misleading Wisconsin citizens about the efficacy of vaccines. Dr. Scott Walker, a family medicine physician in Prairie Du Chien stated, “With position and privilege comes great responsibility, and time and time again Senator Johnson has not just shirked his responsibility, but actually spoken quite irresponsibly.” Other doctors joined with Dr. Rebecca Beach, a Richland Center family medicine physician expressed her disappointment as well, “It shames me to see our senator pushing false cures and conspiracy theories when we know how to prevent this disease.”

While Senator Ron Johnson ignores science, the pleas of doctors and continues to push dangerous horse medicine, a majority of Americans support vaccine mandates as the best way to end the pandemic.

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