A Different Type of Candidate Collects School Supplies for Students

TRENTON — A candidate for school board in Trenton, a city south of Detroit in Wayne County, is running a different kind of campaign. Hana Mitusada-Boylan is making her first run for the School Board but isn’t doing a typical campaign.

Recently, Hana held a school supply drive that invited residents of Trenton to donate supplies that teachers in the the district indicated they needed. The Mitsusada-Boylan campaign reported the event was a smashing success – collecting “trunk loads” of supplies for the students of Trenton.

“The event was a huge success and gave me hope that we can come together as a community to support our students and the education professionals they rely on daily,” said Hana Mitsusada-Boylan, candidate for Trenton School Board. “This is the kind of event I’d love to do yearly as a member of the Board of Education.”

The event featured a list given to the campaign by the Trenton Education Association to ensure all of the donated supplies filled a need in Trenton’s classrooms. The campaign thanked St. Thomas parish for co-sponsoring and hosting the event, The Trenton Rotary Club for delivering a trunk filled with supplies, the many volunteers who helped put on the event and everyone who dropped off school supplies.

“I absolutely love this community and this event and this candidate give me so much hope for the future,” said Emily Hornbeck, a Trenton Schools parent. “Hana has my full support for School Board Trustee for her commitment to transparency, her desire to build upon the success of the Trenton schools and her vision to ensure Trenton is a place where all students are welcome and challenged to succeed.”

With so many people disgusted with politics as usual, Hana Mitsusada-Boylan is showing that there is a different way to get a candidate’s name out to the public while serving the community she is seeking to serve as an elected official.

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