Senator Ed McBroom Minimizes the Death of Four Students Killed in Oxford School Shooting

LANSING — Speaking on the Michigan Senate floor, Senator Ed McBroom used the death of four teenagers to make an unrelated political argument. As the Michigan Senate debated what to do to stop more killings of innocent children, McBroom stated, “Why is the life of these children who were killed a few days ago not comparable to the lives that are being killed in a clinic somewhere where we watch them sucked out, and mashed into pieces?”

McBroom chose to make these remarks even though the school shooting took place only two days ago while families in Oxford are still grieving and schools across Oakland County closed today due to fear of copycat shootings.

Reaction to McBroom’s use of death as a political prop was swift:

Michigan Planned Parenthood Advocates weighed in stating, “This is beyond the pale, Sen. McBroom. The parents who lost their children should not be used as pawns in your anti-abortion crusade. Everyone should have the right to build their families as they see fit and know that the children, they bring into this world are SAFE.”

Julia Pulver, a nurse and former candidate for state representative, tweeted: “Because if you can’t tell the difference between a zygote & a 17 year old, you have no credibility to weigh in on this. There is zero moral equivalency here. This bad faith take is so out of touch I can’t believe anyone still gets away with this simple-minded, garbage argument.”

State Representative Laurie Pohutsky added, “I truly can’t imagine how awful of a person you have to be to say you won’t do anything to curb gun violence because you don’t like a particular form of health care.”

Finally, a Twitter user using the handle @cornbardsupreme simply added, “McBroom can kiss the darkest part of my ass.”

As of press time, Senator Ed McBroom had yet to apologize for making such a crass comment to make a political point.





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