Meet Sheryl Kennedy: Michigan State Representative of District 48

Sheryl Kennedy, former educator and principal, is State Representative in Michigan’s 48th District.

Fighting for opportunities in education is Sheryl’s main priority. Her 30 years of experience as an educator and principal, and long term MEA member, have given her a unique perspective on how to address education reform. She believes that the public education system should be fully and equitably funded so that all students have access to a quality education. She also believes that support shouldn’t end after a K-12 education, and that students who need it should be supported to attend a post-high school two year education or training program. During her first term she sponsored the MI Scholarship Bill to provide tuition assistance for those seeking a community college education or participating in a skilled trades program.

Sheryl is also a passionate supporter of workers’ rights. She believes that every worker should have the ability to fight for better pay, benefits and work environments without risk of losing their job. She understands that workers’ rights are a key piece of the puzzle for education reform in Michigan – as a healthy home environment with quality healthcare and financial security for Michigan families is how students thrive.

Sheryl believes we all have a responsibility to protect Michigan’s precious environment. She has worked diligently to protect Michigan waterways from harmful wastewater and PFAS contamination. During her first term, she worked to get $1.1 million dollars in funding to repair a leaking landfill in her district and prevent future contamination or disaster.

Sheryl is passionate about moving Michigan forward and providing clear solutions on how we can create a better Michigan for all residents.

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