Meet Angela Witwer: Michigan State Representative of District 71

Angela Witwer is State Representative of Michigan’s 71st District.

Angela was raised in a farming family and serves a district with a diverse agriculture community. Her background has helped her understand the struggles facing farms in her community, many of which are small family-owned businesses. During her first term she sat on the Agriculture Committee to bring to light the value of Michigan’s agriculture industry and the important role it plays in providing jobs, feeding our communities and preserving our environment.

Angela is an advocate for strengthening Michigan’s workforce. She has always thought outside of the box of traditional education and has been a supporter and advocate of skilled trades. During her first term she sponsored a resolution to a bill that would address workforce shortages by urging state and federal administrators to increase the number of women in skilled trades.

Increasing education funding and teacher support is important to Angela. She believes we need to expand programs and early career exploration for students to close the talent gap that currently exists in Michigan. She also believes that we need to create connections between businesses and our community colleges and universities in Michigan to keep talent in our home state.

Angela believes that more needs to be done to protect the health and finances of our senior citizens in Michigan. During her first term, she introduced bills that repeal the pension tax which has directly harmed Michigan’s most vulnerable residents 65 and older, and to lower the costs of prescription drugs.

Angela has dedicated her career to fighting for Michiganders. She has direct experience running a small business, helping her empathize with hardworking Michigan citizens.

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