Meet Jim Haadsma: Michigan State Representative of District 62

Jim Haadsma, well-known labor relations and workers’ compensation lawyer, is State Representative of district 62.

Jim has dedicated his career to protecting workers. He recognizes that quality and good-paying jobs are becoming increasingly difficult for Michigan families to come by. He believes that every Michigan resident should have a shot at success and has worked to create jobs and build economic equity in Michigan.

Jim also sees the connection that a good and affordable education for all has to economic equity and job opportunities. He believes that all Michiganders deserve access to a quality education. He also believes that real steps need to be taken to provide schools and teachers with the necessary resources they need to be successful.

Healthcare access is also a priority to Jim, who believes that our healthcare system is far too costly for Michigan families. He believes that Medicaid coverage needs to be expanded so that everyone has access to the quality care they deserve.

Former Congressman Mark Shauer shared, “Jim is a special person whose always put people first. For him it’s not about politics, it’s about working together, making sure people get healthcare, get the supports they need, that we build a strong economy, [and] we educate our kids. That’s what it’s always been about for Jim.”

Jim has spent decades fighting for Michiganders as a labor relations and workers’ compensation lawyer. He understands the needs of the average Michigan citizen and has a track record of fighting to ensure Michiganders thrive.

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