Senator Ed McBroom Votes Against Tax Cut

LANSING — Senator Ed McBroom was one of only two State Senators to vote against a tax cut that would exempt tampons and other menstrual products from Michigan’s six percent sales tax. The bill, House Bill 5267, passed both chambers of the legislature with most members voting yes.

McBroom stated in his floor speech that he would like to see a broader consensus formed around tax policy in Michigan instead of one-off approaches. However, Senator McBroom did not offer any substantive policy ideas to back up his claim that he was interested in broader reform.

Senator McBroom seemed to change course in the span of just a few months. In April of this year, the Senate passed a McBroom sponsored bill, Senate Bill 230, that would exempt some business owners from licensure costs.

It would seem to some that Mr. McBroom hypocritically changed his position on one-off revenue reductions when it came to providing women with economic relief.

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