Recalls in Ottawa and Delta Counties Deal Major Blow to Michigan Republicans

MICHIGAN — In four recall elections last night, ultra conservative county commissioners were removed from office by voters by wide margins. The results echo special elections across America in 2024 that show, despite polls, Democrats continue to perform well – especially in Republican areas.

In Ottawa County, Republican Lucy Ebel, a member of Ottawa Impact, an extremist group, lost to Democrat Chris Kleinjans by 20 points. In 2022, Ebel defeated her Democratic opponent by 6 points. This recall represents a 26 point swing toward Democrats in the ruby red Republican county.

Delta County in the Upper Peninsula also saw similar results, three Republicans were ousted in what has become an increasingly Republican over the past decade. The three Republican county commissioners were recalled for their vote to fire County Administrator Emily DeSalvo. In this case, once voters got a chance to see how ultra-conservative commissioners govern they move to remove them.

In District 3, Myra Croasdell defeated Commissioner Robert Barron with 73 percent of the vote. In District 4, Kelli van Ginhoven easily defeated Republican Commissioner David Moyle with 73% of the vote and in District 5, Matthew Jensen won handily defeating Republican Robert Peterson with 72% of the vote.

The results in conservative counties in Michigan follow results across the country that led to Democratic gains. In New York, Democrats flipped a Republican-held congressional seat. In both Florida and Alabama, Democrats flipped long-help Republican State Representative seats.

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