Poll: Michiganders Support Whitmer’s Clean Energy Proposals

LANSING — A recent poll shows that Michiganders overwhelmingly support the clean energy proposals put forward by Governor Gretchen Whitmer in her, “What’s Next?” speech delivered last month. The speech called for the Michigan legislature to Enact a 100% clean energy standard for Michigan so future generations have clean air to breathe and safe water to drink. Drive down costs for consumers, reduce our reliance on foreign energy and create good-paying manufacturing jobs along the way, among other proposals.

In a release from the Governor’s office, polling numbers showed that Michiganders support the proposed clean energy standard.

  • A poll by Impact Research commissioned by the Michigan League of Conservation Voters, showed voters across the political spectrum support policies that will protect Michigan’s air and water such as moving toward 100% clean energy and over two-thirds of Michiganders agree that climate change is caused at least in part by human activity, including a plurality of Republicans.
  • In an separate poll released in April, Data for Progress showed:
    • 73% of Michiganders support increasing the share of electricity that is produced from renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar.
    • 67% of Michiganders support the MI Healthy Climate Plan.
    • 61% of Michiganders support moving Michigan to a 100% clean energy electricity grid, including 60% of independents.
    • A plurality of Michiganders wants the legislature to do more to address climate change.


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