Michigan House Democrats Propose Investigation into Michigan Ties to Capitol Insurrection; Applaud U.S. Congress for Seeking Michigan Records

LANSING — House Democratic Leader Donna Lasinski applauded the U.S. House Select Committee investigating the deadly Capitol Insurrection that happened on January 6th as pro-Trump insurrectionists attacked the certification of now President Joe Biden’s electoral college victory. The Select Committee has requested documents from numerous government agencies including records tied to a meeting between then President Trump and Michigan lawmakers including Speaker Jason Wentworth and Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey.

“What we saw today coming out of D.C. is what we’ve known here in Michigan all along – Republican leaders Shirkey and Chatfield were involved in conversations at the highest levels in the lead up to the Jan. 6 insurrection,” said Lasinski. “We deserve to know the details on how involved they, and potentially other Michigan elected leaders, were in the disgraceful events of last January. No stone should be left unturned in D.C. or in Michigan.”

The statements by Leader Lasinski come after another Michigan House Democrat renewed the call for an investigation to Michigan ties to the January 6th attack on the U.S. Capitol which saw numerous police officers injured and left Capitol Police Officer Brian D. Sicknick dead.

Representative Joe Tate (D-Detroit) called for passage of House Concurrent Resolution 10 that would create a bipartisan committee to investigate Michigan’s ties to January 6th. “We must fight to protect our democracy,” Tate said. “It is important that we don’t let these lies about the election go unchallenged. That’s why we pledge our support for the Attorney General’s investigation and continue to pursue a legislative commission to thoroughly investigate Michigan’s role in the Jan 6 attack.”

House Democrats point to three key facts that lead them to call for an investigation in Michigan:

  • The dress rehearsal for the insurrection taking place at Michigan’s Capitol in April 2020, when armed demonstrators swarmed the building.
  • Sitting legislators tried to fraudulently enter the state Capitol to cast electoral votes for Donald Trump.
  • The Senate majority leader having ties to militia members who plotted to kidnap and execute Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and took part in the Jan. 6 insurrection.

As of press time, a total number of four police officers who responded to the insurrection have died by suicide.


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