Meet Christine Morse: State Representative Candidate of Michigan’s 61st District

Christine Morse, former attorney, mother of three, spouse of a Navy Veteran, and breast cancer survivor is the State Representative candidate in Michigan’s 61st district.

Christine has a track record of rolling up her sleeves and lending a helping hand where change is needed in her community.

As a breast cancer survivor, Christine joined the Pink Owl Project in her community, which worked to raise breast cancer awareness in young women. This experience also gave her a direct understanding of the flaws in our healthcare system. She saw firsthand how medical tragedies and diagnoses could cause extreme financial hardship for Michigan families. She believes it’s imperative that we provide affordable healthcare coverage for families, especially those with preexisting conditions.

As County Commissioner of Kalamazoo, Christine worked with a bipartisan county board to address the most pressing issues in her community. She joined the Texas County Task Force to work on a plan to mitigate disastrous flooding affecting the community. She is passionate about fixing Michigan’s weak infrastructure to protect our environment, drinking water and livelihood.

Jon Current, IBEW 131 Political Registrar appreciates her approach to change, and shared, “Christine’s focus on infrastructure, support for working people, and good governance is the right path for Michigan.”

Another area of passion for Christine is Michigan’s education system. Ranking 50th for reading growth, she recognizes that the policies currently enacted aren’t working and are in turn hurting many Michigan children. She wants to implement real change to Michigan’s education system to ensure all Michigan children have access to the quality education they deserve.

Morse’s hands-on approach to enacting change on the Kalamazoo County Commission has worked. She wants to bring this approach to Lansing with a plan to make impactful change in Michigan communities.

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