Lawmakers Vow Action, Rally with Gabby Giffords In Wake of Michigan State Shooting

LANSING — Former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords rallied for common sense gun laws in Lansing this week. Giffords, a 2011 victim of a shooting when she was in Congress, was joined by Governor Gretchen Whitmer, Speaker Joe Tate, Senate Majority Leader Winnie Brinks and many other Democratic leaders.

Speaking from her heart, Governor Whitmer stated, “Gun violence is a leading cause of death in this country, and only in this country, and we have experienced it too frequently. A little over a year ago, we saw a mass shooting in Oxford, Michigan. Students were killed and another community was changed forever. We saw another just a few weeks ago on Michigan State University’s campus where we lost three incredible Michiganders. We have faced a lot of challenges over the four years but the days after those shootings were without question, the very heaviest and hardest.”

Also speaking at the rally were the two legislative leaders in the House and Senate who vowed that legislative action would soon land on the Governor’s desk. “As legislators, it is our responsibility to propose and advance reasonable solutions to help reduce gun violence,” said Tate. “I have had enough, really, really had enough of the leaders who had this job before me yet refused to take action to protect our kids,” said Brinks.

The House has already passed bills dealing with background checks for gun purchases and an 11-bill package has been promised to be brought up for vote that would also deal with safe storage and red flag laws.

The rally was protested by a member of the legislature, Angela Rivas, who has vowed to do nothing to stop mass shootings in Michigan. However, she was drown out by the many supporters in attendance and the speakers which included survivors of the Oxford High School shooting.



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