“I’m Looking at you, Ohio and Indiana”

Governor Whitmer to travel to states that restrict abortion access; convince businesses to move to Michigan

LANSING — Governor Gretchen Whitmer promised to take the fight to states that restrict personal freedom by banning abortion by seeking to convince businesses to move to Michigan. Whitmer also called for Michigan’s draconian 1931 anti-abortion law to be removed in light of the overwhelming support for Proposal 3 last year that made abortion a constitutional right in Michigan.

Whitmer punctuated her point by stating, “Bigotry is bad for business.” In Ohio, current Governor Mike DeWine signed a law in 2019 that practically bans abortion – putting the health and lives of women in that state at risk. The Ohio law called the “Human Rights and Heartbeat Protection Act, bans abortion once embryonic cardiac activity is detected. In Indiana, passed an abortion ban after the Dobbs decision was handed down by a slim majority of the Supreme Court.

Current economic numbers show that Michigan is growing at a faster rate than Ohio since the Dobbs decision was handed down. Gross Domestic Product was up 1.7% in Michigan between the second and third quarter, Ohio saw a smaller increase of only 1.2% while Indiana was one of three states in the country to see its GDP decrease as it fell .3%. Only, more progressive states, Illinois and Minnesota had more growth than Michigan in the Midwest during the same period.


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