How They Voted: Downriver Legislators Vote on Working Families Tax Credit

LANSING — The Michigan legislature passed legislation called the Working Families Tax Credit, a bill that will put nearly $3,000 per year back in the pockets of working families across the state. The bill also included a repeal of the decade-long retirement tax that hit Downriver families harder than most of the state as many retirees live in the area as well as rebate checks for all families and millions to attract the next generation of auto jobs to the state – another priority of Downriver communities.

The bill passed the State House of Representatives by a vote of 56-53 with two Downriver representatives voting yes and two representatives voting no. Voting yes for working families were State Representative Jaime Churches (Grosse Ile) and State Representative Reggie Miller (Van Buren Township) both Democrats. Voting no against tax cuts, direct checks and jobs were Jamie Thompson (Woodhaven) and Jim DeSana (Carleton) both Republicans.

In the Michigan Senate, Downriver Senators Darrin Camilleri (Trenton) and Erika Geiss (Taylor) both voted yes as the bill passed 20-17. Senate Republicans blocked a vote to allow for the bill to take immediate effect meaning Michigan families will see higher taxes thanks to Senate Republicans. The bill now goes to Governor Whitmer for her signature.


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