GANDER: Governor Whitmer Announces a 3 Week Pause to Combat COVID-19

(Photo Courtesy of: Office Of The Governor Of Michigan)

Governor Whitmer is no stranger to doing what’s right when it comes to protecting the lives of Michiganders. Even when she’s faced unfounded backlash from her opposition, she’s still stood strong with the goal of following science and protecting Michiganders.

With the new wave of spiking COVID-19 cases in Michigan, Governor Gretchen Whitmer announced with the MDHHS that she would be instating a three week pause to combat the surging coronavirus that has taken the lives of over 250,000 Americans. Starting Wednesday, November 18th through Tuesday, December 8th there will be the following restrictions and closures:

  • Work from home if possible is required
  • Dine-in restaurants and bars are closed – Take out and outdoor dining only
  • Theaters, stadiums and arenas are closed
  • In-person education at universities, colleges and high schools all moved to virtual learning
  • No organized non-professional sports
  • Bowling centers, ice skating and indoor water parks are closed
  • Bingo halls, casinos and arcades are closed
  • Group fitness classes are prohibited

Governor Whitmer addressed the pause in a press release sharing, “In the spring, we listened to public health experts, stomped the curve, and saved thousands of lives together. Now, we must channel that same energy and join forces again to protect our families, frontline workers and small businesses.”

Leading into the holiday season, Michigan is in a critical place right now with surging COVID-19 cases. Without any mitigation measures, the lives of thousands of Michigan residents are at risk.

To read more about the three week pause, head to the Gander here.

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