Extreme Anti-Choice Rhetoric is Prevalent Leading into Michigan’s 2020 Election

The debate and rhetoric around the right to choose has been prevalent for decades. However, over the past four years with President Donald Trump in office, the debate has hit a fever pitch. On a national level, a woman’s right to choose under Roe v. Wade is being threatened by extreme conservative candidates and the President’s SCOTUS nominees.

As this debate takes over nationally, Right to Life of Michigan is out in full force this election cycle working to pack the legislature with anti-choice members in case abortion regulation is removed from federal protection or oversight.

What’s at stake?

Extreme conservative candidates, backed by Right to Life of Michigan, are pushing outdated and dangerous ideals that put Michigan women at risk. If elected, they believe, and will fight to ensure access to abortion isn’t available, even in circumstances of:

  1. The mother’s long term health being in danger,
  2. The mother’s risk of death being imminent,
  3. Pregnancy as a product of rape or incest,
  4. Pregnancy of an at-risk minor,
  5. And extreme birth defects where quality of life does not exist.

Right to Life has been pushing for state legislation that threatens access to abortion by removing funding to providers, reducing available methods of safe abortion, and creating arbitrary rules that put the health of mothers at extreme risk. They are pushing for candidates that follow these extreme conservative ideals, without care or consideration of common sense or the intricacies involved with this issue.

History shows that putting restrictions on abortion is highly ineffective and dangerous. In fact, a study conducted by the Guttmaker Institute, a reproductive rights think tank, reported abortion restrictions did not impact the number of abortions conducted, just increased the prevalence of un-safe abortions in those areas. Anti-choice legislation only adds additional layers of danger and barriers for the mother, putting the health of Michigan communities at an even greater risk.

Know the facts, find all Michigan candidates who are anti-choice and endorsed by Right to Life here.

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