Downriver Republican State House Candidate: Imprison Doctors for 10 Years for Performing Reproductive Health Care

MICHIGAN – Lisa Werner is running in the crowded Republican primary for Michigan’s new 27th House District which spans the Downriver area. Werner, who describes herself as “Patriot Approved”, has very strong feelings about abortion access. In fact, she believes that doctors who perform abortions should be imprisoned for 10 years and those who distribute, manufacture, or sell medications that would induce abortion should be imprisoned for 20 years.

When asked if she opposes or supports House Bill 6270 that would criminalize abortions in these ways, Werner said she supports it “10000%”.

With regards to allowing doctors to give health care to pregnant people experiencing ectopic pregnancies (which can lead to sepsis, other infections, or even death) without government interference or fear of prosecution, Werner said, “[E]ducate yourself. A woman does not go to an abortion clinic to get life saving treatment and our current Michigan State abortion ban protects the life of a mother in medical emergencies. Read the dam [sic] law!!”

Michigan abortion law does not necessarily allow doctors to prescribe abortion-inducing drugs for those experiencing ectopic pregnancies because they do not always result in the death of the mother. In fact, Doctors across the state are worried that a 1931 Michigan law banning abortion will criminalize this routine reproductive care procedure if it is allowed to go back into effect.

In light of the situation where a 10-year-old rape survivor was forced to travel out of her home state of Ohio to get an abortion due to Ohio’s draconian abortion ban, Werner was also asked if she supports or opposes exceptions in the case of rape or incest. In her response, she attacked the premise of the story (which has since been proven to be true), brought up the fact that the rapist was “an ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT”, attacked the doctor who performed the abortion, and inaccurately claimed that Ohio doesn’t have an abortion ban. “[T]he claim that abortion is illegal in Ohio was refuted by the state‚Äôs attorney general,” she said.

Werner then referred me to a video of a woman who was conceived after rape and was thankful her mother had not had an abortion. “I suggest watching this video and tell me if her life, her children’s lives and her mother who would have been lost without her life mattered,”, she wrote.

Responding to these questions to her on Facebook page, Werner made her extreme anti-abortion position very clear. “I will fight to my death to uphold the current Michigan abortion ban and make sure when I am elected that Whitmer, Nessel and the rest of their minions see the inside of a jail cell if one baby is murdered under their reign,” she wrote. “I bet my life on it.”

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