State of the Classroom: Students Deserve More

MICHIGAN — The Michigan Education Justice Coalition and partners held a “State of the Classroom” discussion on the current state of public schools, the vision to improve education opportunities for children and those who oppose quality public education.

Attending the event were parents, educators and advocates for healthy and healing schools in Michigan. The event featured numerous speakers who discussed issues affecting students across the state.

“Michigan should be a place where every kid, no matter who they are or where they live, can get a quality education. The best way to accomplish that is to fully fund all public schools in our communities,” said Arlyssa Heard with 482Forward. “The State of the Classroom is positive when parents, educators, administrators and our elected officials commit to ensuring thriving public schools for all.”

Panelists discussed teacher shortages, funding in Michigan, campaigns that threaten public schools and students such as the current voucher ballot measure. In addition, a panel discussed the need for more mental health supports and sky rocketing expulsion rates in Michigan schools.

“This pandemic has proven that children do best when they are physically in school,” said Peri Stone-Palmquist with Michigan Student Advocacy Center. “In Michigan, we made a commitment four years ago to rethink discipline because the research was just overwhelming that zero tolerance does not work, it does not make our schools safer, and instead it increases school failure, dropout and criminal legal involvement. It actually hurts our schools and communities.”

Parents and advocates for healthy and healing schools took action at the end of the event to continue to advocate for strong public schools in Michigan and fight back against the continued attacks on our community schools.

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