Healthy and Healing Schools for All Campaign Launched

The Michigan Education Justice Coalition launched its 2022 Healthy and Healing Schools for All campaign with a virtual launch party that will lead to trainings for candidates and a statewide campaign to defend public education and reimagine what education can look like going forward.

“From the uplifting music and poetry to the yoga sessions that centered us on the tasks at hand and finally the call for a positive vision for our schools, this event left me hopeful that we will be able to reimagine our schools to ensure a quality public education for all,” said Chardae Brockman, a program coordinator with Michigan Organization on Adolescent Sexual Health.  “We are ready to tackle the challenges ahead of us and ensure healthy and healing schools for all.”

The event featured speakers who discussed access to technology especially in the face of the pandemic but also for areas of the state where access is limited such as the Upper Peninsula and Detroit, a call for more counselors to close the yawning gap that exists in Michigan and a call for people interested in healthy and healing schools to run for office.

“School Boards are vital to ensuring our community schools run properly and serve the interests of students and parents in the district,” said Alexis Dueling Hart from Great Lakes Political Academy. “Recruiting, training and helping candidates who care about their local communities and are willing to stand up to attacks from corporate-backed groups will be vital to saving Michigan’s public schools.”

In addition, the event featured panels that focused on those opposed to public education such as Betsy DeVos and other funders and a panel that discussed the importance of school boards across the state.

For more on the Healthy and Healing Schools for All platform click here.

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