Controversy: Tudor Dixon Uses Campaign Funds for Personal Designer Clothes

MICHIGAN — Tudor Dixon, Republican candidate for governor, has come under fire for using campaign funds, raised for the specific purpose of campaigning, on designer clothes. A campaign finance violation charge was leveled against the candidate this week, according to MLive.

The complaint alleges Dixon used funds to buy a $2,000 dress by fashion designer Alexander McQueen. The cost of the dress is more than the average bi-weekly paycheck for Michiganders leading to questions about Dixon being out-of-touch with the working people of Michigan.

In an interview with MLive, campaign finance expert and attorney Steve Liedel stated, “I just would never advise a candidate to spend money on personal items for the candidate or their family. The problem is, there’s personal benefit to spending $2,100 on a dress and never going to use it again and never wear it in any other capacity.”

The complaint also alleges that Dixon bought a $700 jacket and wore it at the first debate that aired on WOOD-TV and other stations around Michigan.

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